Frontend & custom WordPress templating

Working with static design and making it dynamic is never an easy job, but working with amazing people can make this process really fast and simple. The goal was to create a fully adaptable website that delivered a unique style with a simple-to-navigate experience that works on every situation and device.

In this project we made a full custom template that allows editors have full control over the content in the website. Every aspect was manageable through the native WordPress interface without complex plugins or code modifications.

The HTML is fully responsive and the markup was carefully written to serve robots and humans. The CSS was made using SASS and allows future modifications with ease.

Even though we had to modify the original design in order to fit the content experience, the art direction was fully documented allowing us creative license to create a solid result.


Original Design & Art Direction:
Felipe Hurtado from

Content Design:
Maria Alejandra Mercado from

The original design was modified in order to accommodate the content needs
A custom system allows the editors upload rich content
Custom WordPress Content Administration