User experience

BCI is one of the leading banks in digital banking in Chile. I was commissioned to work with them for a couple of months helping their in-house team to create digital experiences for two products, Personal Accounts and Mortgage Credits.

My role was to facilitate the translation of their business needs into feasible interfaces that meet not only their business models but also their technology capabilities.

Through wireframing and rapid prototypes we were able to test and move quickly to high fidelity prototypes that we tested with our clients.


Role: Product Design, UI, UX

Tools: Adobe Suite

Year: 2017

Emotional Journey


In order to create successful experiences I created basic archetypes that were easily usable to test our prototypes. I mapped all the business requirements and crosschecked them with business processes and marketing teams.

User Archetypes
CX prototype
Content Mapping


In order to test our proposal we created high fidelity prototypes to test, content, hierarchy, journeys and technological needs.

Credit simulator prototype
Landing Prototype