Senior Product Designer and Frontend Software Engineer, focused on digital products and services, with over 20 years of experience across several industries and positions, leading diverse teams with a user-centered, data-driven approach. Always curious, humble and hungry for collaborative innovation.


  • Design: Design Management, UX, UI, Interaction and Service Design, Design Operations, Information Architecture, Heuristics Evaluations, Empathy Maps, User Journeys, UML Diagrams, Storytelling, Design Systems, Branding, Typography design, Video and Photography.
  • Frontend: Frontend engineering and prototyping in languages, frameworks and platforms such as: React, TypeScript/JavaScript, Next.js and SASS/CSS
  • Backend: Backend engineering in Python, Ruby on Rails and PHP.
  • Tools and services: Figma, Adobe Suite, Miro, Jira, Git, Visual Studio, Android Studio, XCode, among others.


Next Solutions, Senior Product Designer & Frontend Engineer
Seattle, US. Remote. Aug 2017 — Present

  • Led the design department, directing design strategy and development.
  • Built large-scale websites as a frontend engineer using tools such as React, Next.js, JavaScript/TypeScript, Material UI, Styled Components, SASS/CSS.
  • Worked directly with clients in areas such as consulting, research, testing, integration and development.
  • Collaborating with diverse teams that included project managers, front and backend engineers, designers and client stakeholders.

Highlighted Projects:

  • Google, Sidewalk Labs
    Led design implementation, collaborating with brand agencies, engineers and managers. Designed and engineered the frontend for their multiple online digital interactive projects.
  • Google, Mesa
    Product Design and Frontend Engineering for a dashboard that provided real time data visualization and device management; Facilitated the transition between design teams, collaborating with developers, stakeholders. (React, NextJS, TypeScript, Material UI)
  • HR&A – Florida
    Design lead, UX/UI and Frontend Engineering for a custom geospatial data-visualization platform for residents and policymakers to track Florida’s rapidly growing housing needs.
  • HR&A, Housing Dashboard Project
    Design lead for a scalable API-driven platform for users and government agencies to track demographic and housing trends; Creating flexible front-end components to allow content managers to easily display complex geospatial data relating to demographics and housing needs; Frontend Engineering and Interaction Design.
  • Kidlinks
    Developed the brand and designed the visual system for Kidlinks, a non-profit organization to improve their presence and the engagement of their content featuring a user-centered experience around their music.

Codepicnic, Senior Product Designer & Frontend Engineer
Boston, US. Remote. Feb 2016 — Jun 2017

  • Led the design team and worked directly with the development team to build real-time, embeddable consoles for developers in a fast-paced startup.
  • Led brand development, UX/UI design, design systems, design strategy. Prototyping and frontend engineering using NextJS, React, CSS/SASS.

Cranberry Chic, Senior Product Designer
Santiago, Chile. On-Site. Nov 2014 — Dec 2015

  • Worked with mobile engineers to create the first South American-focused high-end fashion social media.
  • Led brand development, UX/UI design, implementation of design systems, product strategy, app prototyping, and project management.
  • Helped grow ~40k monthly active users to ~800k and created revenue channels for our clients to reach our users and launched our iOS, Android and web apps.

Ministry of Education, Government of Chile, Head of Digital Communications
Santiago, Chile. On-Site. May 2014 — October 2014

  • Leading 4 teams of Designers, Journalists, Researchers and Multimedia.
  • Optimizing, creating and implementing strategies and communicational products for political initiatives and social platforms.
  • Management of political and technological affairs, legal and communicational assets. Managed communication campaigns at a national level, developed design systems and communicational tools for social media and digital channels and established communication protocols to align the different teams.

El Mercurio, Senior Product Designer & Frontend Engineer
Santiago, Chile. On-Site. May 2012 — April 2014

  • Designed and prototyped cross-device products for delivering automated multimedia content. iOS, Android, Windows Phone App design. UI/UX design for B2B and B2C products. User behavior analysis and A/B testing.

Archdaily, Head of Design
Santiago, Chile. On-Site. March 2011 — May 2012

  • Leading the design team for the world most relevant Architecture content platform.
  • Unified branding and products through a design system. User and Customer experience, UI design and rapid prototyping. Translating business needs into products. Working directly with the engineering team, and in the spare time innovating in data visualization.

Multiplica, Lead Frontend Engineer
Santiago, Chile. On-Site. Sep 2009 — Feb 2011

  • Front-end development and integration consultancy. Rapid prototyping and research for experimental products in new platforms. Banking, retail, B2B and B2C digital product development consultancy. Mobile and TV apps. Leading a team of developers, designers and researchers.

Estupendos, Web Designer
Santiago, Chile. On-Site. Feb 2007 — August 2009

  • Project and client management. UX/UI, Product Design, Information Architecture and Web Development.
  • Creating marketing websites, interactive content and custom CMS integrations.

University for the Arts, Sciences, and Communication, Teacher
Santiago, Chile. On-Site. March 2007 — Dec 2008

  • Instructional and instrumental design, facilitating the relationships between students and real-world clients for multimedia communications studies.

Useme, Partner & Web Designer
Santiago, Chile. On-Site. March 2001 — Dec 2006

  • Design studio partner. Interface, product and editorial design. Art direction, illustration, user experience and information architecture. Project and client management. Front-end development.